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Projector sale and repaire service in Vasundhara Ghaziabad.

Digital Projectors have been an indispensable part of every educational institute, auditorium, seminar hall, conference room, and office for decades. Existing in a variety of forms, digital projectors are used for multiple purposes ranging from conducting classroom lessons, conferences, meetings, seminars and even for infotainment at times. However, different areas of application require different types of digital projectors. For example, in cinema halls, high-resolution laser projectors because it requires heavy-duty performance on a very large screen. On the other hand, a simple Pico projector can make do in a small classroom of around 15 students.

Types of Digital Projectors

  • DLP Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • LED Projector

DLP Projector

DLP projector consists of a chip that is made up of millions of microscopic mirrors, each of which is capable of independent adjustment. They can move towards or away from the light source to create a light or dark pixel. To create coloured images, the colour wheel rotates in order to create coloured pixels on the screen. Thus, the colours are displayed sequentially at a high rate than an observer sees a full coloured image. Most of the systems operate at up to 10x the frame rate.

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LED Projector

LED projectors use the LED lamps as it light source. LED lights work on a process called electroluminescence to produce light. In the source lamp, electricity passes through the semiconductor material that the LEDs are made up of. It allows a certain types of energy to pass through them. When an electrical energy passes through the material, it kicks off electrons that are too big to pass through. They shrink and give off protons which are the constituting particles of light.

LCD Projector

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is another common technology used in projectors. LCD Projectors use the same liquid crystal display technology that can be found in televisions and monitors as well. An LCD Projector creates images using multiple elaborate steps. They consist of three LCD panels which cast image using the three primary colours; red, green and blue. All three of the colours are simultaneously projected so that the image is completely coloured.

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Projector Sale & Repair Service In Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

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